Knowing the difference between price and value

Organized Clean Up

In a strictly monetary sense, the value of land rises and falls with market conditions. At Treasured Lands we view the value of open land and wildlife habitat differently. We recognize its value as a precious and finite resource that warrants stewardship, management and preservation for future generations to cherish.

Preserving land is a community effort and an endeavor that benefits everyone. It takes a team approach, which is why Treasured Lands works with state and local governmental entities as well as individual landowners. Through conservation easements (link to Conservation Easement subcategory under Get Involved—main menu item), land donations, land entitlements and land acquisitions (link to Land Acquisitions subcategory under Get Involved—main menu item), we broker agreements that benefit all involved yet never lose sight of our foundation’s primary promise—permanent preservation.

Vision undergirds the conservationist’s commitment and our eye is ever on the horizon. Treasured Lands leads educational tours (link to Programs subcategory under What We Do—main menu item), for all ages, sponsors programs and camp scholarships for kids, (link to Robert F. Denison Endowment subcategory under What We Do—main menu item), holds informative sessions on the environment to cultivate a love of the land and encourage the desire to serve as its vanguard.