Charles Chuck Barrowclough

Executive Director

Our executive director Charles “Chuck” Barrowclough ranks among the most distinguished regional environmental experts in land preservation, conservation-land acquisition and resource management.

Formerly head of the Martin County’s noted Environmentally Sensitive Lands Division—where he managed an annual operating budget of $280,000 to $5 million—he now raises donations, secures endowments and pursues grants to purchase and maintain conservation land in Martin County for Treasured Lands.

A native of New York, Charles moved to Martin County in 1972. A graduate of Florida Institute of Technology with degrees in Oceanographic Science and Environmental Science and Engineering, the husband and father of two sons pursued the study of emerging environmental philosophies, innovative techniques and pioneering practices.

Conducting scientific research on Florida terrain as diverse as the dry prairie of Myakka River State Park to the vibrant coral reefs of the Keys, he’s contributed to the preservation of 65,000 acres of native Florida habitat. Meanwhile, he amassed impeccable credentials with leading conservationists. He’s also served as a consultant to land owners on trust issues, resource management plans and conservation easements and informed leaders in business, agriculture and industry on the ecological and socioeconomic benefits of sound environmental management.