Conservation – what it saves for our community and your portfolio

Organized Clean Up

When it comes to land conservation, Martin County residents put our money where our heart is.

For nearly two decades the county has pursued aggressive and comprehensive programs to acquire and maintain environmentally sensitive lands and parks in the public interest.

In 1989, Lands For You was founded to acquire environmentally sensitive lands and develop parks and community centers, resulting in 3,150 acres of conservation lands and 366 acres of recreation lands.

To ensure community input, Martin County Commissioners established a citizen’s oversight committee known as the Land Acquisition Selection Committee. The seven-member panel consisted of a cross-section of the community, including segments of the environmental and business sectors.

We work with you. The partnerships Treasured Lands nurtures throughout Martin County assume many forms but remain anchored to our twin missions of land preservation and environmental education.

We broker agreements with landowners to obtain property—be it through land acquisitions, land donations (link to Land Acquisitions subcategory under Get Involved—main menu item), or conservation easements (link to Conservation Easement subcategory under Get Involved—main menu item)—with public access for passive recreation.

We’ve also built broad networks of supporters (link to Endorsements/Testimonials subcategory under See For Yourself—main menu item), in the business, hiking, biking and horseback riding communities.

We conduct seminars on stewardship, (link to Ongoing Events subcategory under What We Do—main menu item), guide tours (link to Ongoing Events subcategory under What We Do—main menu item), of our local natural wonders and lead teams of staff and volunteer on day expeditions of wildlife habitat restoration. (link to Simpson Island news hit under See For Yourself—main menu item)