Ultimately, it’s about
a love of the land


From October through May, we invite you to “tromp the swamp”. Take a guided tour – free of charge – to observe the exclusive, natural beauty of the Barley Barbara Swamp. All groups are accompanied by tour guide along our 5,800 foot, booked through the historic Seminole Inn.

Located in Western Martin County, the area is teeming with plant and wildlife species-most notably, its account bald cypress trees, including one of the largest in the United States.

So as you follow our meandering boardwalk and explore the pristine, freshwater wetland, take a moment to absorb the beauty of the unique ecological treasure that is the Barley Barber Swamp.


Ultimately, it’s about a love of the land

The natural beauty of Martin County offers much to marvel about. There’s the mighty St. Lucie River. And our estuary, the most biologically diverse in all of North America.

There’re our western lands—miles and miles of wide open agricultural acreage and wildlife habitat. Our abundance of parks—from manicured playing fields to untamed wilderness getaways to the elevated overlook at Jonathan Dickson State Park.

Of course, there’s the romantic seclusion of our unspoiled beaches, several with large, jagged rock formations jutting into the Atlantic Ocean—a sight seldom seen on Florida shores.

This amazing environment is Martin County’s unique heritage—and with every passing year it grows more valuable… and more vulnerable. Preserving it is a fulltime job, and ever since forming Treasured Lands Foundation—Martin County’s only land trust—in 2008, we’ve been busy. We’ve forged lasting partnerships, protected land from development, rehabilitated neglected wildlife sanctuaries, advocated on behalf of endangered natural resources and informed and inspired future environmental stewards.

By teaming with conservationists, landowners, wildlife advocates, community leaders and people who simply understand just how great the great outdoors are, we’re making sure Martin County remains naturally beautiful.

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